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Royal Palm Market


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A Little About US

The Royal Palm Market is home to a highly curated selection of vintage, homemade, and unique goods from all over the Bay area! We also host other events year-round like Bocce!

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Featured Vendors


2BirdS Events

If you want flowers, 2Birds Events has the best bouquets in St Pete! Fresh arrangements are curated for every Thursday Market. Check them out at our market or on their website!

See more of 2Birds Events on Instagram @2BirdsEvents


Sans Market

Sans Market has become a staple at our market. They bring the highest quality, zero-waste products with them! You can find everything from detergent and soaps, to kitchen-wear and bathroom necessities.

See more of Sans Market on Instagram @Sans.Market

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A Little About Us

Royal Palm Market was launched in October of 2018 with under 20 vendors. Our main goal is to bring our community and local businesses together on a regular, weekly basis. Not only that, but we wanted to foster diverse pop-ups, younger companies like ourselves, and entrepreneurs who need a place to introduce, promote, and test their products. Now, less than a year later, Royal Palm Market boasts over 50 vendors whom attend at least one market every month.

We’re located in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg’s EDGE District, as the first market in St. Pete to focus specifically on our vendor’s outreach and growth with the idea of entrepreneurship in mind. This market strives to help small local businesses grow. We offer the ideal chance for entrepreneurs to grow their outreach and build a community. Check out our vendor highlights on Royal Palm Market’s instagram: @RoyalPalmMarket



To empower and support small businesses and the arts while encouraging community involvement.


To inspire more grassroots business initiatives throughout central Florida.


What We Believe In

Royal Palm Market was founded on four core believes. Growth, consistency, support, and uniqueness are at the center of everything we do.



We’re constantly doing everything we can to grow, and we help our vendors do the same.


Every Thursday. You never have to guess with Royal Palm Market. We’re a consistent market for our vendors and our patrons.


We support our vendors and the St. Pete community how??.


Unique mindset, people, and products are what you’ll find at Royal Palm Market. You could come every week and find something new.


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